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Level up your impact with consulting, facilitation, and training that provides a differential diagnosis and approach for systems change.


Level up your impact with education and resources that empower you to align your values and your money beyond your philanthropy.

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..facilitating and outcome were outstanding and I received many compliments on your work.


Swift Foundation

Elaine is a powerhouse that brings warmth, energy and a wealth of awareness. She is a delight to work with as she can easily cut through the crap and clearly communicate a sophisticated strategic movement. I highly recommend engaging her for social transformation

Julie Delene

Move As One

Thank you, Elaine, for the great advice ...we learned there are quite a few funds that have social impact ratings...do quite well from a financial return perspective. I honestly felt like because we brought it up, our financial advisor took our request very seriously, he dug into it more and learned some things too. I have a feeling it will begin to mix into his overall investment strategy.

Angie R.

New impact investor

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