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We Ask the Hard Questions.

We create a safe space to fearlessly and respectfully ask the hard
questions so that you are empowered to understand and activate your role in creating social and racial equity impact.

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Social/Cultural Impact Solution (SIS)

Our 4-part modular blueprint enables your organization to cultivate an organizational culture that inspires, attracts, and retains your diverse and dispersed workforce.

Our team provides actionable insights and assessment training to make sure every member feels valued and heard.

By empowering your team with our effective solutions, they’ll be equipped with the tools they need to thrive. Together, we can cultivate a workspace that inspires innovation and growth.

Social/Cultural Impact Solution (SIS)

Our proprietary lean survey outlines and establishes a clear baseline of employees’ sense of ‘Belonging’, their feelings of being undervalued/ underestimated, and where to focus and prioritize your organizational and departmental efforts to activate high-performing teams, increase organizational cohesion, and efficiencies in your diverse and disbursed work environment.

Private 1:1 Session with Cultural Specialist

Our anonymous, secure platform allows employees to provide their organization with valuable anonymous feedback on how to improve the work environment or policies. The data gathered from this confidential process is used to identify key strategic insights and invaluable and pointed decision-making. Staff will have access to a secure, private, and confidential opportunity to discuss their unique situations with a non-judgmental expert.

Cultural Insights Report

Our exclusive Cultural Insights Report delivers clear identification of cultural obstacles, uncovering root causes within people, processes, or structures across proprietary 58 Cultural Dimensions. The Cultural Insights Report informs distinct, actionable and sustainable next steps to power the transformation to stronger and cohesive culture and building effective teams.

Facilitated ‘Solutions’ Conversations

Our skilled facilitators will guide and navigate healthy conversations with key organization stakeholders to explore and identify impactful solutions, action plan, and timeline to your cultural challenges. We provide support so you can focus on doing the work that matters.

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