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We Ask the Hard Questions.

We create a safe space to fearlessly and respectfully ask the hard
questions so that you are empowered to understand and activate your role in creating social and racial equity impact.
Organizational Audits

We provide an objective, forward-thinking perspective of the current state of the organization to identify the efficacy of your strategies and provide innovative recommendations that enable you to systematically reach your social impact and / or racial equity impact goals.

Social Impact Strategy Development

We analyze the competency of your organization’s ecosystem and provide a holistic view of your current strengths, as well as key opportunities for systematically improving your company’s performance and culture through social impact and racial equity impact strategies.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Implementation

We help you operationalize your DEI goals into the organization by providing clarity on how to take key learnings from DEI training and actively embed those concepts into your company’s culture.

Sustainability Analysis

We provide a discovery and evaluation of the sustainability of your program or initiative from a triple bottom line perspective so that you begin to see your organization through the lens of SROI versus simply ROI.

SROI Strategy Deployment

We help you operationalize your SROI strategy into the organization by providing clarity on how to develop and deploy initiatives that will foster value beyond financial.


Facilitate the conversation between strategic teams (internal and external) around social and racial impact for their respective programs and initiatives.

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